Flexibility is the key to our One on One training. The venue, timing, length of sessions and the number of training sessions can be varied and personalised to suit your situation. These coaching sessions are ideal for busy individuals. This package will cover the entire course topics detailed above, such as Leadership and Team Building and the use of story telling techniques, as well as material matched to your organisation and your needs. Our coaching will raise your level of confidence and provide the skills necessary for you to deliver presentations with professionalism.


Here is what your training will cover:

  • Have a clear purpose for speaking – what is your message and your desired result
  • Body language– gestures and movement to enhance your presentation
  • Voice control– enhance & support your message with this magnificent asset..
  • Nerves & fears– how to control your fears and use these issues to your advantage.
  • Impromptu speaking – exercises and feedback to help every day activities.
  • Interview Skills – Put you at ease
  • Speech Writing– to entertain, educate, persuade or motivate.
  • Speech Delivery – including engagement and positioning to add clarity.
  • Different plans of attack – speeches, training sessions, delivering reports.
  • Audience Engagement– keep them energized, awake and interested.
  • Questions– Deal with these with confidence.
  • Disruptions – Ideas to handle disruptive members of your audience
  • Using Aides– lectern, power point, flip charts, microphones.
  • Appearance– your appearance and creating positive first impressions.

“I first had the pleasure of meeting Ted Gibbs at a business function approximately five years ago where he was a guest speaker. From the first time I heard him speak I was impressed with the way he engaged and entertained the audience including myself. I am sure this is in part due to his fantastic natural sense of humour and quick witted nature. However, getting to know Ted better over the years on a personal and professional level I realize he is a very dedicated and committed presenter. I have seen him speak at numerous functions in varying roles and always admire the professional way in which he conducts himself. Ted is someone I emulate and respect as a speaker myself. I truly believe he would make an excellent mentor for anyone looking to take their confidence and presentation skills to the next level. His knowledge and inspiration has certainly assisted me in my personal development and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Yours truly,”

Kevin Wright
Managing Director