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“Many of our fears are tissue paper thin, and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them.”
Brendan Francis Behan  –  (1923-1964) Irish Author

Stand out from the crowd – strive to be different

Open your presentation with a Question, a Statement or a Story. Be a little provocative.
Remember to smile, pause and add humour……….




Topics covered by our training:

  • Have a clear purpose for speaking – what is your message and your desired result
  • Body language – gestures and movement to enhance your presentation
  • Voice control – enhance & support your message with this magnificent asset
  • Nerves & fears – how to control your fears and use these issues to your advantage
  • Impromptu speaking – exercises and feedback to help every day activities
  • Interview Skills – Put you at ease
  • Speech Writing – to entertain, educate, persuade or motivate
  • Speech Delivery – including engagement and positioning to add clarity
  • Different plans of attack – speeches, training sessions, delivering reports
  • Audience Engagement – keep them energized, awake and interested
  • Questions – Deal with these with confidence
  • Disruptions – Ideas to handle disruptive members of your audience
  • Using Aides – lectern, power point, flip charts, microphones
  • Appearance – your appearance and creating positive first impressions


I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know what I gained from your public speaking course. I have to do quite a lot of public speaking with my role and I have always felt extremely uneasy about doing this and wanted to overcome my fears.

Your course has definitely helped me to achieve my goals. It took place only 2 weeks ago and I have spoken in public about 4 times since then with absolutely no problem at all. I now feel relaxed and confident on stage with the simple tools I learned during your course.

The small group really helped – I felt that I was able to open up about my fears and I received a lot of encouragement and advice that was directly relevant to me.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your course to other people who need confidence when speaking in public.

Kind regards,

Ali Davenport
General Manager
Southern Cross Austereo